Website Development

" No matter how big or small your project, we have a team ready to assist with your requirements. Contact us for your no-obligation quote or free consultation. "

WebbyBuddy development team has up-to-date qualifications in IT, Graphic Design, and Programming. For our clients it means that WebbyBuddy built websites are created to the highest standards in website development. So we not only have the expertise, but the experience to be able to implement your vision fast and effectively.

Our team is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technology and as such, has detailed knowledge and experience with the following technologies and software:

  • MySQL 5/4 Database Servers
  • Development for Linux and Windows platforms
  • HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, and DHTML
  • Rich Internet Applications -AJAX -Flash & Actionscript ,
  • The site should work with browsers that are at least one version behind the latest.
  • Industry standard development tools such as the Adobe suite (including Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator)

Website development requires a very different set of skills to web design. In web development the focus is on functionality and usability. With web development only agencies this can result in a lack of focus on the other side of websites the marketing and aesthetic. Our approach to web development is to bring together the web design aspects of website creation and integrate these with the latest technologies and frameworks that we have at our disposal. This web development process ensures your website is functional, usable, achieves your marketing goals and looks great!